About My Artwork



I can’t remember the moment I picked up a pencil and started drawing. I can’t say I ever stopped to think about it, it just never hit me in that way, I’ve just always done it! It was the one thing I was always good at but never put any effort in to, I enjoyed it too much to see it as hard work.


It’s a huge part of who I am and I treasure the moments I get with a paintbrush, it takes me into a different place much like my writing. I truly believe that each painting and drawing entails a part of me and my personality, and as the years go by my work changes and adapts with me. A lot of my work up here is old now, and as when I post my new work you might see how I mean.


It’s important for me to develop my skills and this makes for a great opportunity to do that. I know that having a place to preview my work will inspire me to paint and draw more regularly and your thoughts and opinions will motivate me. So, what’s left to say but thank you for coming by and that I hope you enjoy looking as my artwork as much as I do doing it!


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